Solmaz Lienhard

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Witnessing cultures, handicrafts, different tastes, public and professional artworks of different countries made my faith to the art a man can create with his/her own hands even more stronger; witnessing how arts can be different, and at the same time correlated, not only from a country to another, but also from person to person.

The lessons my experiences in my trips taught me, along with passing Yoga, Meditation, Vipassana, and

other courses, helped my mind fly in different worlds, and helped my attitude and insight towards the world, and consequently towards art and my life’s ideology, undergo a change.

These experiences, years of working in professional workplaces, holding individual and group exhibitions, working with different materials and media, all gave my professional life even more variety. As a result, it has been now for about twenty years that I express my ideas and perceptions through various exhibition structures as well as through interior and urban decoration.

However, starting a new life in Switzerland (and in a broader sense in the West) has created new feelings, needs, memories, agonies, joys and happiness which are at once both in contradiction and coordination with my roots in the traditional culture of Iran.

This exciting and new condition can be much more creative for me, if accompanied by the professional and academic environment of this country, creating an opportunity to get feedback from my professors and classmates.

I believe that art is as much a personal and internal issue as it is collective and external. The feedback I got from the audience of my last exhibition, saying that visiting my works gave them some sort of peace of mind and tranquility, reassured me of the power of art to make a world filled with peace and friendship. I would like to create an art which will evolve in this line, even though in small scale.